Future Of Shopping 

How might we predict and define the future of shopping? Are algorithms our new stylists? Do we just print out new clean underwear? And what is Condé Nast’s future role in this? How can we apply these learnings to the GLAMOUR Shopping Week?



Research and predict the future of shopping


Create business opportunities around shopping


Explore how GLAMOUR could become an innovative shopping brand


Outline a specific future scenario for the GLAMOUR SHOPPING WEEK


Build & test a prototype at GLAMOUR SHOPPING WEEK in Fall 2015

Inspiration for 
“Future Of Shopping”

Global Powers Of Retailing 2015:
Embracing Innovation

By Deloitte

The Future Of Automobility


From Value Chain To Value Constellation:
Designing Interactive Strategy

By Richard Normann and Rafael Ramírez,
Harvard Business Review (1993)

3 Tips For Engaging The Next Generation Of Luxury Consumers

By Nadine Young, CMO.com

will fail (a lot) The lab is research, experimentation, Human-Centred Design, and ultimately Innovation.  

To do an task in a short amount of time, you need to be openminded & and have a process that can handle every type of outcome.

By using very flexible, but proven methods such as Design Thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done, Lean & Agile principles. Taught and continuously developed by education institutes as The Stanford D-School, Harvard, Hyper Island & MIT and used in practice.

We will be able to discover actual needs and insights, Methods originally developed by the Stanford University, Harvard University, IDEO & MIT. Used worldwide in different shapes and forms from world class educations such as Hyper Island, IKEA Global Innovation Lab Use facitation tools from the Swedish military (adapted by Hyper Island) and Kaospiloterne in Denmark.
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